A Spacious Playhouse for Summer Holidays

What better way can one think of than spending their summer vacation in a well built spacious playhouse! Right from the time you start putting it up till the time that you paint it colorful, the days will just fly off with a lot of activity. When I was searching to find a good plan for the playhouse on the internet, I bumped into this special combination offer where I could download two blueprints of playhouses that came at a pittance. After going through the blueprints of the two plans, I chose the 10×12 playhouse plan to give my children enough room to play in whichever way they want.
There was a lot of detailing that went into this plan as it came with a Porch and a Loft too. I prepared the site; got the outer frame and the inner frames fit and then spread the plywood flooring too all nailed with the requisite sizes. The blueprint came in with detailed measurements of the side walls, front walls and the rear walls too. And so, I just had to get the measurements perfect so that the doors and windows would fit in easily later. The elevation views were also to be done with care as per the directions mentioned in the blueprint. Indeed the blueprint of the playhouse made the task so easy because it gave all the structural details and grade requirements for the materials that were to be used while putting up the playhouse.
I did not involve my kids during the erection process as there would be nails and other instruments that would be risky for them to handle. But once the structure was ready, I involved them in painting the playhouse. Why deprive them of having the pleasure of painting their own playhouse? I gave into it and allowed them to give me a helping hand while doing the finishing touches too.

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