Building the 8×10 Playhouse: Absolute Experience

Building the 8×10 Playhouse: Absolute Experience
When I was just pondering on how I could treat my children during their summer vacation this time around, I was struck with an idea of why not I try the Playhouse as I am having a lot of place in the backyard. I can very well erect a playhouse for them over there and in case they outgrow that stage, I can easily convert it into a storage shed. Having loved the idea, I browsed the net, searched far and wide till I came across the ideal one that suited my budget. I found both the 8×10 and the 10×12 blueprints which I could access for just $8.99.
I knew it would take around a week’s time to put up the playhouse and so I planned for tackling each task by the day and finish putting up the structure. Also I had kept myself equipped with the tools and instruments that would be necessary to accomplish the task. As I had zeroed down on going in for the 8×10 size I started off with preparing the site and got it leveled and then marked the outer frame. As the outer frame was ready the next step was to go in for the inner frame joists. All the wood was lumber rated which is apt for outdoor usage. Spreading the plywood floor was the next task. Once these were accomplished successfully, I went on to make the rear wall, side walls, front walls and porch posts. The general notes and the complete building materials list were of great help.
While constructing I took all precautions to make it into a strong structure which would not collapse at all even if the wind was strong. As I had followed all the directions and measurements that were given in the blueprint meticulously I finished the structure as per schedule and my kids were delighted at the sight of well painted playhouse erected exclusively for them.

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