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If you want to create a dream home that your child will spend many enjoyable hours in, go online and find the instructions on a number of different styles right at your fingertips. Be honest with yourself about your skill level before you begin to ensure that you choose a design that you are capable of completing.

If you are looking for a chance to improve you do-it-yourself skills, this is the perfect opportunity. Practice framing, sheathing, and roofing skills and save a lot of money at the same time. Many of these homes that are already constructed are several thousand dollars. By making your own, you will choose the design you want and save a bundle at the same time.

To download the blueprints for your child’s dream home, most will require you to have Acrobat Reader. They should also tell you the list of materials needed with the details like whether they should include treated lumber. Also, make sure that you have all the tools needed before you start so you don’t end up in a jam.

While you should easily find the directions for a simple pretend home, you will also have access to some that are a little different from the others. Let your child or children take part in choosing the design you will use. After all, it is their imagination you are trying to encourage and they should have a say in what their home will be.

One of the designs offered online is the American Gothic Playhouse. This design has an old world charm and offers thirty-five square feet of interior space in addition to a two-foot wide front porch. It is painted white in the example and has an overall design that includes elaborate trim which makes it an accent that appropriate for any home.

The Sturdy Dream House is made like a real home to ensure it has the durability to last a long time. It has four windows that really open and provides light and airflow that make it a joy to play in. Or, your child may prefer the simplicity of a rustic old cabin. Not only does a log cabin offer lots of indoor space to play in, but it also provides children with the structure that they will want to climb on.

If your woodworking skills are a little unpolished, the Frontier home will be a good option for you and one that your kids will enjoy. This is an easy to build choice that is unique in style. The directions instruct you to use sections of blockade fence as walls to make it simple. That keeps you from having to cut out windows and doors from existing fence panels.

You will find something to please any child and that will meet your level of skills if you just look around. Just keep in mind, this is your child’s dream home, not yours!

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