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Free Playhouse Plans

For free playhouse plans read below. Here on our website we offer 2 playhouse plans a 10 x 12 Playhouse with Loft & Porch and a 8 x 10 Playhouse with Porch, here are the pictures of them. You can download them at the following link for only $8.99 or read more about them below or even view small thumbnails of the plan pages.

Click Here to Order Both Plans Only $8.99

I have had alot of interest in playhouse plans here at my website, I get 100’s of searches a day, you can tell it is spring and people are ready to start working in the yards. We have the 2 different playhouse plans that we offer here on the website. I have also been looking over the internet to see what other plans are available. here are some freebies that I have found they are not as detailed as our plans but if you can’t afford the $8.99 here are some freebies.

Castle PlayhouseBuildeazy. A Plum Design
Kids Castle Playhouse – Made out of plywood and can be easily assembled and disassembled. In both metric and imperial (ft and inch) dimensions.

Playhouse – A real beaut from Buildeazy
This playhouse has 21 detailed pages of plans, drawings and instructions. The playhouse is structured more like a real house rather than a playhouse. It will last for years. Five windows, four of which can open thus allowing for plenty of light and air.

How to make a Wendy Housefrom Buildeazy
This wendy house is basically a playhouse with a few feminine touches added. A wendy house can give children hours of enjoyment. And with a little imagination, customized touches can be added to create a unique and special environment. Both metric (mm) and imperial (ft and inch) versions.

How to make a kids playhousefrom Buildeazy
A professional-looking roof on this kid’s cottage. Good detailed instructions for free, but the plans can be purchased.

2 Story Fort Playhouse from Ubuild
This two story fort playhouse will be loved by young and old. It also offers flexibility. You can close in the bottom and add doors for a storage shed while the kids have the top as a playhouse. (which is where they want to be anyway!) Plans and Instructions. Is in standard dimensions (ft and ins).

Frontier Playhousefrom Ubuild
This is an easy to build Frontier type playhouse that your kids will enjoy. The design concept is unique. Plans and Instructions. Is in standard dimensions (ft and ins).

Playhouse from NAFI
Raised playhouse. Materials list, plans, drawings and instructions. Is in metric dimensions. (mm)

Clubhouse from Ace Hardware
Every child dreams of having their very own special hideaway. With assistance from the helpful hardware folks at Ace Hardware you can make this dream come true! Just follow these step-by-step instructions to build the coolest clubhouse in the neighborhood! Standard (ft and ins) dimensions

Here is the special we are offering here at our webaite for two complete plans

#70 – 2 Playhouse Special

10 x 12 Playhouse with Loft & Porch

8 x 10 Playhouse with Porch

Click Here to Order Both Plans Only $8.99

Products to be made available as

Downloadable 8 1/2 x 11 PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Files

After Payment you will be directed to the download location for the plans

Print as many copies as you need of any of the plans or take the files to your local printer

If you want to make changes to the plans, AutoCAD Drawing Files

are also available for most of the plans for an additional $19.95 – $39.95/plan

All plans are available separately through our other listings

E-plans are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Format

You print the plans on your printer

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Complete Construction Drawings, drawn to scale

After paying you will be directed to our download site. and be able to download PDF files of the drawings below

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the posts on this website are automatically developed from youtube videos and articles and are not sold on this website and are for informational purposes only. We sell the 10 playhouse special that can be purchased at the following source.

Click Here To Order the 10 Complete Playhouse Plans for reg $29.99 Limited Sale $9.99 with free 64 page e-book

Please read this post completely before ordering the 10 playhouse special.
10 Complete Playhouse Plans for reg $29.99 Limited Sale $9.99 with free 64 page e-book
Here is a link for a discount and a free plan

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