Outdoor Garden Shed Plans – Need Extra Space for Your Gardening Tools

My husband likes to “tinker” and he has all these tools, equipment and work benches that takes up just about all the garage.  Then there is my hobby. I love to garden and I have my gardening benches, gardening tools, flower pots, bags of soil and mulch, etc.,etc.,etc. Between “his stuff” and “my stuff”, and all of the holiday decorations that we have in boxes stacked up in the garage, there is no longer any room for our cars.  We have to do something, we either have to get rid of something or find more storage space.  Neither one of us were willing to get rid of anything so we decided to look at some outdoor garden shed plans to move all my gardening stuff to.  I was very excited.

We got online and actually found some free outdoor garden shed plans.  But after more research we found out that the free shed plans didn’t have all the information that a good set of professional designed plans had and they were not very expensive.  It was a “no-brainer”, we decided on a set of plans and made our purchase.  We actually went for a shed that was larger than we actually needed, but it will give me more space to work in if weather is bad and we will have more storage space.

One of the things my husband didn’t even think about until he started reviewing the instructions was the load capacity for the roof.  We get a lot of snow every winter and know the damage it can cause if you have a flat roof where snow can accumulate. The weight of the snow  could cause your roof to collapse.

Security is another factor to consider, specially if your storage shed will be located away from your house or if it’s located behind your garage where you can’t see it.  You may want to consider putting bars on the windows, security lights on the outside and absulutely a good heavy door with a bolt action lock.  Maybe you think some of this is over kill, you just have to decide if it is necessary in your neighborhood.

With any structure that you build, it is better to use pressure treated wood.  It is a little more expensive, but it will last far longer than untreated wood. Also, when you are ready to paint your new outdoor garden shed, spend a little more money for a good quality primer and exterior latex enamel paint. The finish will last longer and be easier to keep clean.  Afterall, you want your investment to last a long time.

An outdoor garden shed is a great investment. But if you are going to build it yourself, then get a good set of Outdoor Garden Shed Plans. They will more than pay for themselves by saving you time, money and frustration.

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I am the wife of a “Handy Man” and sometimes even his helper. We have saved so much money over the years because he was able to “fix it or build it” himself.

Being a handy man doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but you can still tackle some of these projects if you have a good set of plans and detailed instructions.

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