Play House Chicken Coop

A short tour of my Play House Chicken Coop. I am selling the plans to build this coop. If you are interested, please e-mail me at, or search “chicken coop plans” on ebay.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the posts on this website are automatically developed from youtube videos and articles and are not sold on this website and are for informational purposes only. We sell the 10 playhouse special that can be purchased at the following source.

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10 Complete Playhouse Plans for reg $29.99 Limited Sale $9.99 with free 64 page e-book
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20 Responses to “Play House Chicken Coop”

  • loccdawgz:

    . have a coop like that but alot bigger 8ft wide x 12 ft long with 3 nesting boxes .. they are easy to make you dont really need plans to build

  • ItripledogdareU:

    Hello Papakeetee, A coop is a chickens home sweet home. A place where they are safe and can lay their eggs in peace. To buy chicks look on line or in your yellow pages for a place that sells farm feed and supplies, It’s not hard to get them back in the coop, mine go in all by themselves at sundown. You will need 12 chickens to get a dozen eggs since they mostly lay 1 egg each per day, in the winter they lay less often. Hope this helps.

  • papakeetee:


  • mrchrislocation:

    FAbulous! That’s the American way = Creative + Cool, good old Yankee Ingenuity – Hats off to you I hope you sell a lot of plans. Well done.

  • Jose123Perez:

    Hello, I really like your chicken coop. I am planning to buy your plans but have a question. What was the total cost of the chicken coop, for about how much can you make that coop. Please answer back. I am looking forward to buying your plans. Thanks

  • megacrab:

    LOL @ the chickens in the window :)

    Nice house

  • trooperx666:

    umm probobally once a day

  • Bridey1:

    Hello from Dublin, Ireland. Lovely coop..stands out from the crowd! Thinking of buying your plans. My husband has rudimentary skills and access to good tools and advice. How long do you think it would take him to build it?

  • iluvthewildlife:

    When you have baby chicks you want to put marbles in the water so they don`t drownd, right?

  • clonetroopers78:

    well there’s lots of shit in it!

  • dreamkiller909:

    lol :D i wish i could shit that much :D lol

  • csbarrett14:

    Neat, we have a Dublin, GA, in The US. It is the home of the fighting Irish team. Are you closed to Belfast?

  • taraff1:

    I have built several chicken coops, and found the best plans to be the ones at:

  • IceViper777:

    that looks a lot like the coop i took out in iraq with my hellfire missile. this video was RIVETING and action packed btw. .. lol @ nub

  • jzikajzika:

    Please do a video showing how easy the coop is to clean out. Thx. I like this design best, of the many I’ve been researching.

  • thatniggajessica:

    that looks better then my club house :D

  • ChickenCoopBuilder1:


  • bigboys1199:


  • Rillion12:

    Yes, and it also helps attract their attention to the waterer in the first place.

  • CoinManipulator:

    Dennis– got the plans printed out. Thanks so much; great detail, which I appreciate,never having done this sort of thing. Lots of information which I wouldn’t have thought about. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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