Playhouse Plans Come in All “Sizes” – Find the Right Ones for You

From basic sheds with a few embellishments to miniature Colonial mansions with all the architectural details, Playhouse Plans can make a fun family project.

Some projects are for dedicated and patient beginners with some carpentry skills while others can be difficult even for an experienced woodworker. Make sure you pick the right plan for you.

Include the lucky child or children who will be the new “homeowners” in the choosing and even the building of their new playhouse — it’s a great way to make them feel involved and teach them some DIY basics and a chance for you and your crew to share a real experience and valuable family time.

Plus, with the right Playhouse Plans you can build a good looking and fun playhouse, save money while doing it, spend quality time with your children —  and be the coolest adult in the neighborhood.

An Active Child is a Healthy Child
Being outdoors and enjoying the benefits of an outside playhouse can enable your child to remain active. Today there are too many indoor,”sit around” activities trying to take their minds off of exercise. TV, Video Games, Computers, Text Messaging, ETC — Far more than we had as kids.

So a playhouse of their very own can be just the stimulation to the imagination that they need to “get out and play.”

A healthy imagination is important for children to develop into creative adults.

Also playhouses are great fun for kids on rainy days when they would normally be stuck inside.

Your kids will have endless hours of fun and outdoor exercise playing grown-up in a house made for kids.

Big Ugly Pieces of Plastic

Ready-made playhouses from the big toy companies are easy to put up. But they are pricey and, let’s face it, most of them just look trashy. The last thing you want is a big piece of plastic sitting in the middle of the yard.

And the Pre-Made wood kits can be outrageously expensive.

That leaves building it yourself with a good set of playhouse plans as the best choice.

Naturally you need to do your research to find the Playhouse Plans that best fit your yard, your needs, your skills and your budget.


Are you ready to build your own beautiful and safe Playhouse for your children?

Then visit Playhouse Plans to see how you can get started with a plan that best fits your yard, your needs, your skills and your budget.

We have the Playhouse Plans you need.


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