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Planning a Getaway in California

When it comes to a northern california vacation, you definitely have a lot to pick and choose from. Just hop online and see what I mean. I must admit that although I don’t love the California heat, I do enjoy seeing all they have to offer. If you are in the mood this season for a nice and relaxing northern california vacation, then I suggest you do something about it and quickly. The cool thing about California is that it has all the beach scenes, it has the Hollywood thing going on, it has the great nightlife, it has the amenities, but it also has the desert.

Experience The Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California will hold beautiful memories for many of us, my friends and myself included. Once you arrive at the place, get reminisced, refreshed, rested, and hit for the town. After a stint back at your air-conditioned apartment, where you can do henna tattoos and tarot readings, you can go for Italian food in a crowded but friendly (popular) local place called Ciravello’s Restaurant and Sports Bar. The most remarkable of Long Beach California experiences, though, happened at midnight. More on this in the next paragraph.

One piece of advice I have always listened to and passed on is to hang out with locals when you are touring, for you will get to experience the underbelly of the vacation spot, not just the touristy areas. Try to eat outside, not only so you can smoke but so you can pick up more of the outer ambience. You can lunch at a classic diner and shop along Pine Avenue, where curiosities and collectibles meet with contemporary and other arts and souvenirs. When night falls, if fate in your favor, you can strip down and go swimming in the Pacific. No one but you and your loved one will be frolicking and slip-sliding about in soft, smooth, sleek calm waters.

So for you who visit the playful town (or city, really, with a population of almost a half a million), the parks and playhouses and plazas might turn your crank. Or, the realization that major celebrities live or lived there might be the crowning moment in your Long Beach, California vacation. You might be thrilled to know, then, that Bobby Burgess and Bo Derek; the Doggs, Snoop and Nate; Spike Jones; Billie Jean King; and many, many other superstars have lived or do live there. And I am sure some even visit now and again. Maybe you will rub elbows with someone!

A couple of years back, my friends and I rented a sporty car from San Francisco, packed some art and writing supplies, and headed south along the coast toward Long Beach, California. We deliberately went without a map so we could serendipitously explore new areas and people and things to write about and photograph. In spite of all the amazing and stunning history, scenery, and activity we enjoyed along the way (the missions, the Orange County Fair, and more), our arrival in and visit at Long Beach was giftedly pleasing.

If you are in the mood for a nice northern california vacation, it’s now time to give a northern california vacation a shot. You can hop on a trolley in San Francisco and check out all the wonderful city has to offer. If you prefer the internet, All you need is your personal computer and Internet access to get started. Pop open that nifty Google search engine and go to town. Well, so to speak. Just punch in the key phrase “northern california vacation” and you’ll be flooded with great results. Due to the darn high priced to live there, you may want to do your research and prebook some low cost hotel or motel before heading for northern California.

If you are still wondering if you should have your next vacation in California, just think, on your California vacation, you won’t be too far from Vegas. This may mean you have to take another vacation immediately after. Can you really pass up on Vegas? So start planning today. With so much information that is readily available to you, it’s a synch to plan your next big trip from the privacy of your living room.

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