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Creative Consultancy Sponsors Playhouse Theatre Season?S Most Challenging Show

(PRWEB) August 31, 2006

The Guardian newspaper called it “life-affirming”. The BBC said it makes Jerry Springer: The Opera look tame. Others call it dark and shockingly funny.

Critics and audiences alike have reacted strongly to “Thalidomide!!! A Musical” which visits Norwich Playhouse on Friday September 22nd. It’s the edginess of the production that has attracted fibrand and creative consultancy Simon Middleton Company to back the show’s visit to the Playhouse.

“I’ve wanted to be involved in arts sponsorship since I started my company last year, and I have always planned to focus on things that are brave and unusual,” explained Simon Middleton, founder of the specialist creative and brand consultancy.

“Some people have considered this show to be in questionable taste, but you have to remember that it is written by and stars actor Mat Fraser, who is himself affected by Thalidomide, so he’s completely qualified to comment on the issues around the subject in whatever way he thinks appropriate. I think it’s an optimistic show about dignity and the reality of human life,” Simon added.

Mat Fraser, who also composed the music for the show, describes “Thalidomide!!!” as “a PC-free musical with a short-armed punch”, a description which hints at the kind of humour the play is built on.

Also starring Anna Winslet, sister of movie star Kate, Thalidomide!!! is on its way to being a sell-out show in Norwich, just one-stop on a tour which takes in many UK venues as well as the Orphee Festival in Versailles, France.

Simon Middleton Company, which provides brand consultancy and senior coaching to businesses and organisations, hopes to sponsor further shows at the Playhouse, and is also interested in hearing from other arts organisations about appropriate collaborations.


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