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10`x14` Storage Shed Plans for a Better Organized Home

It is the bane of many a household that their garage is packed to capacity with tools, equipments and other materials, besides their cars. The solution to this problem, however, is not that difficult. All it takes is to build a 10’X14′ storage shed. You can build it yourself with the help of plans, thus saving hundreds of dollars in expenses.

Different Types

The different types of 10’X14′ storage shed plans you can choose from include a gable roof style plan, a saltbox garden style plan, a barn style plan and so on. These plans would provide you with detailed instructions so that you can make it yourself at a fraction of the cost which you would have to pay, if you had it built by a contractor.

Check Building Codes

Before you start the construction of your 10’X14′ storage shed with the help of plans, you should check the building codes. It is better to do this at first because it can prevent a lot of headaches later on. If a permit is required, you would have to submit your plans to get it. You may also require an approval from your neighborhood association. It is also better to keep your neighbor in the loop regarding your intentions.

Choosing Plans

It is better to choose plans for your 10’X14′ shed which complements the design of your house. They should provide instructions on building shelves, work benches and ramps. You should also check to see that there is provision to build windows and skylights. The plans should also come with a detailed materials list and a cut chart.

Dial Before You Dig

By calling up your electricity, water and phone providers and finding out the location of their lines, you can avoid accidentally damaging any of them. This is a small precaution which should be done before you start the work.

Choosing Location

The location you choose for the construction should not get water logged easily.  It has to be on solid and level ground. If there is a height variation, the area should be leveled with wood or brick support posts.

Base and Roof

Whichever location you choose for your construction, you would still have to protect it against the elements. The base of your 10’X14′ storage shelter is in constant contact with the ground, and needs to be treated so as to prevent rot. The roof, too, deserves a similar consideration. It should be slightly slanted so that water can easily run off.

Materials Used

Wood is the most widely used material for constructing a 10’X14′ storage shelter. Vinyl or metal is also sometimes used. However wood is the most stylish and you can choose from numerous styles and designs.

Anticipate Future Requirements

When building a shed, you should also anticipate any possible future uses for it. You may want to turn it into a playhouse for your children, or may be expecting an addition to your family. If you allow for these, you can plan the building of the storage shed accordingly.

Safety Precautions

It is best to use power tools while working on your 10’X14′ storage shed, as this will greatly ease the process. However, these have to be handled with care. Proper safety precautions like wearing goggles and ear plugs should be observed whenever using
power tools.

Once you have completed the work of building your 10’X14′ storage shed, you can be truly proud of your achievement. You may even motivate some of your friends and neighbors to embark on a similar project.

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