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Potting Shed Plans – Need More Space for Your Gardening Tools

I love flowers and plants, but my husband is the one with the green thumb in our home. He can spend as much time at a plant nursery as he can at a lumber yard. He is continually coming home with more gardening tools, which I am not quite sure what he does with some of them.  He came home recently with a very small narrow rake that had a telescoping handle, I had no idea what it was for, I thought it was a kids rake. He was very patient with me and showed me how he can now get between all the plants in the garden and rake the leaves, where he couldn’t with the big rake.  Makes sense I guess.  The problem is, where to put all this stuff.

He had a birthday coming up and I thought about buying him a pre-built garden shed, til I saw how expensive they were.  Not that he isn’t worth it, but I figured we could build one for a lot less.  I got online and found a big selection of potting shed plans, who knew there would be so many.  Well I knew that if I was going to get him to build one of these, he would need to choose the one he liked out of all the potting shed plans. And he did. He chose a shed plan that was large enough to have storage space and a working area for those bad weather days.

Having purchased a good set of professionally designed potting shed plans, he has all the information he needs. Such as a complete list of materials, cut sheets, detailed drawings and step by step instructions.  With the list of materials he can now determine how much the shed is going to cost and with the cut sheets showing him exactly how long to cut each piece of wood and what angle to cut them, will save him time.

A few other things he learned from his research on building a shed is that you need to check with your local city to see if you are required to have a building permit.  By having a good set of plans, your shed should meet most local building codes without a problem.  Also, depending on the size shed you are building, you have to consider the type of foundation needed.  It is very important that your foundation is level, whether you go with a cinder block support(for small sheds),  or a permanent concrete foundation (for larger sheds).  If you happen to be a member of a homeowners association, you will have to submit the plans to the association for approval, this ensures that your structure meets with the associations guidelines.

Lastly, I would recommend using a good quality primer and paint for the finish.  A good quality paint will last longer and will be easier to keep clean.  After all your hard work, you want to protect your investment so that you can use it for years to come.

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I am the wife of a “Handy Man” and sometimes even his helper. We have saved so much money over the years because he was able to “fix it or build it” himself.

Being a handy man doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but you can still tackle some of these projects if you have a good set of plans and detailed instructions.

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