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Proven wooden garden shed plans are important for several reasons. Besides making the job of building your wooden garden sheds easier there are some other really good reasons why you need a get set of blueprints/plans for your new garden shed.

APPROVALS – If you have to get your wooden garden shed approved by your local homeowner’s association or city/county you will need a good set of plans to present to them to get your approval. Just telling them what your garden shed will look like will not be enough. Besides having a good set of plans you will also probably need to draw a plot plan which is simply a drawing of your lot and where you will place your wooden garden shed. This plot plan will need to show proper dimensions of your lot, the size of your shed, and where your shed will be located.  Some homeowner associations will also want to know the roofing and siding material you will be using along with the colors of each.

MATERIALS LIST – Really good wooden garden sheds plans will contain a complete materials list for all of the materials you will need to build your wooden garden sheds. This list can then be taken to your local home improvement centers and lumberyards so you can get bids. Getting more than one bid will allow you to get the cheapest price for your materials and to negotiate free delivery as the deciding factor in choosing your supplier for your materials. Additionally, the materials list allows you to keep from getting too much or too little of one of the materials and making several trips in the process.

LACK OF CARPENTRY SKILLS – Even if you lack the skills necessary to figure out all of the angles you will need to cut proven wooden garden sheds plans come to the rescue. With all of the angles and cuts laid out for you it allows you to make all of the cuts with ease and not to have to worry whether your geometry skills are good enough. Proven wooden garden sheds plans make this step in the process a breeze for the homeowner.

 DESIGN CHOICES – By purchasing a set of garden shed plans you will be able to make choices on the size and style of the wooden garden shed you want for your backyard. You will not have to settle for the few choices you have if you bought a pre-built wooden garden shed at your local dealer. Additionally, with just a little skill at carpentry you could even alter the size shed you want with a different roof style or other architectural changes you might want. Seeing other examples has always really helped me in the past to make changes I wanted to get a really unique shed.

OTHER TYPES OF STRUCTURES – Most sets of wooden garden shed plans you purchase will also contain plans for mini greenhouses, arbors, wooden children playhouses, and specialized garden structures like pergolas etc. So it makes a lot of sense to purchase a set of plans to give yourself a lot of choices. Additionally, many of these plan sets will also contain plans for potting benches, tables, sitting benches etc. which you are sure to use after you get your wooden garden sheds built.

As the saying goes most mistakes come from a failure to plan. Trying to build a wooden garden shed without any plans can be done if you have the experience but I wouldn’t suggest trying it with most homeowners. I strongly suggest buying a good set of plans and avoiding a waste of time and money in the process.

For more free information on wooden garden sheds and plans go to today and get started building your garden shed. There are also a lot of shed pictures on this site to get your creative juices flowing on picking a garden shed.

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