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The Misanthrope Presented by State Theatre Company of South Australia

State Theatre Company of South Australia presents The Misanthrope By Moliere in a version by Martin Crimp 18 February to 13 March, Her Majesty’s Theatre Alceste is a famous playwright disillusioned and angry with the hypocrisy, vanity and choking shallowness of the modern world. Vowing to reject society and to tell it like it is, his plans are derailed when he falls madly in love with Jennifer. An ambitious American film star and darling of the social scene, she may prove to be his biggest challenge yet. Martin Crimp whisks Molière’s 17th-century comic masterpiece from the court of Louis XIV straight into the heart of the contemporary London media scene to explore the conflict between integrity and success. Losing none of the biting flavour of the original, this version is fast, witty and delves deeply into the absurdities of social conventions and pretensions. A stinging, zinging play about the perils of telling the truth in a world addicted to surfaces. The critical knives are unsheathed and quivering! Director: Catherine Fitzgerald Set & Costume Designer: Julie Lynch Lighting Designer: David Gadsden Composer: Catherine Oates Cast includes: Marco Chiappi, Eileen Darley, Nic English, Patrick Graham, Jude Henshall, Caroline Mignone, Renato Musolino, Brendan Rock, Robert Tompkins Caroline Mignone, Renato Musolino

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