Use Your Wooden Shed Plans to Build Storage

We had a small shed that had dents in the sides and door in our backyard when we first bought our brick home. It was painted the same color as the house trim and looked like it belonged there but the dents were really noticeable. I talked with my husband for a couple of years before he considered looking for a replacement. I insisted on wood because I wanted it to be more durable than the previous metal shed.

We consistently looked at the home improvement centers but you had to practically sell an organ to buy one of their prefabricated sheds and have it delivered and set up on your property. One day we really looked at the construction of one of these sheds and discovered there were mistakes and imperfections by “professionals” and decided we could do just as good. We didn’t have any special tools other than your basic hammer, circular saw, drill, saw horses (not required — a 2″ x 4″ to lift wood off ground will work), nails, etc.

We looked at the wooden shed plans at the home improvement center. They didn’t have a very large selection and we ended up choosing a plan from a magazine. We just happened to know a carpenter who could translate the plans to us so we’d know the correct dimensions, materials and steps for putting the shed together.

With his scribblings and our magazine drawing, we were able to build the shed. There are a lot of things I’d change now, but while we were constructing it, all I wanted to do was get finished. If I’d had a set of easy-to-read and simple-to-follow wooden shed plans, our shed would probably have fewer imperfections and have a few more niceties.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, whether you’re building your first wood shed or you’ve built many, whether you DO or DO NOT have the skills or knowledge for building, or however many instructional books or blueprints you’ve ever bought… can build your own wooden storage shed.

These plans have illustrations and easy-to-read language. The process is outlined step-by-step so virtually anyone can do it. You can also download a simple basic 12′ x 18′ storage shed plan free. I wish I’d had this plan when I was ready to build.

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